The OIC Dow Jones Club, in collaboration with Amazon, is happy to invite you to its second workshop, “How to earn the trust of your stakeholders?” 🤝🗣🌍

Nowadays, notably due to globalization, the world and businesses become more and more complex. Every company must work with a number of stakeholders. Maintaining good relationships with the people who have the most impact on your work is crucial. Thus, communication plays a vital part in keeping them on board.

This workshop teaches you how to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

So you want to get insights into the ways Amazon gains the trust of its stakeholders? Then we have just the right event for you! Experienced Brand Specialists from Amazon Vendor Services invite you to learn about ways to achieve the utmost trust from any stakeholder in your professional future.

If you are interested in the Amazon ecosystem, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to meet and discuss with Amazon experts at Liège!

Are you looking for a job/traineeship?

It is also an opportunity to discover what Amazon can offer you.

They are hiring a lot of people including supply chain students but also in every business discipline.